Dr. Karen von Merveldt-Guevara is a German trained physician who combines her knowledge of modern medicine with orthomolecular medicine and the wisdom of ancient healing practices. With a profound understanding of biochemistry and minerals, and the ability to successfully adopt HTMA into her detox protocols, I have great respect for the work she does. In this interview she discusses her approach to detox, the importance of HTMA work, copper toxicity, and methylation.

Copper & Zinc: A quick overview of why many are overloaded with copper (copper toxicity), deficient in zinc, and how this imbalance affects health.

Rachel Neumann was one of the very first to ever use HTMA in clinical practice. In this rare interview, she shares her background, her experience with copper toxicity and detoxing, the importance of using HTMA for informed healing protocols, and the mind-spirit-mineral connection.

Magnesium & Calcium: The effect of magnesium and calcium on bone health, reasons for magnesium deficiency, and why blood tests usually miss this imbalance.


A Caveat if You are Taking Vitamins: How people, when they take most vitamins sold out there, could be making their body more nutritionally deplete.

Dr Malter PhD was another one of the very first to apply HTMA into clinical practice for both psychology and nutrition, and today is considered one of the foremost experts in the field. In this video we discuss the early beginnings of HTMA for nutritional balancing, some of the efforts that have kept HTMA from becoming more well known, and the important tool it provides for intelligent detox and nutritional guidance.

Copper toxicity is a silent epidemic that underlies many common symptoms such as fatigue, hypothyroid, digestive issues, slowing of metabolism, hair loss, and more.  It plays an especially important role in mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD - yet this connection is not understood by the majority of practitioners treating patients.  Due to its numbing effect on emotions and the increased stress response it creates, copper toxicity plays a prominent role in countless broken relationships.  This condition usually goes undetected, or improperly treated, since most practitioners look only at the blood level of copper - an almost irrelevant indicator of copper toxicity or detox status.  Rick has dedicated his life's work to supporting those affected by copper toxicity, and increasing nutritional education and awareness in this area.  This video is therefore a call for greater education, both at the medical level, as well as that which is passed on to patients and the public.  

In this full length film documentary, Rick sits down with several of today's leading experts in minerals, tissue analysis, and, especially, copper toxicity. The compilation of information in this film, including stories from those affected, serves as a powerful educational tool on the topic.  For ourselves, our children’s sake, and for those we care about, let’s pursue the advancement of nutritional education and awareness (such as what this film offers) in order to create a healthier world for all.

Honored to be interviewed for the very first episode of the Human Optimization Podcast, in this interview with kettlebell world-champion and health/fitness coach Lisa Pitel-Killah, we discuss the health epidemic of copper toxicity and the important role of HTMA for nutritional mineral testing.

To really get to the root of health concerns and what our body needs nutritionally, we have to understand what's happening at the cellular level... beyond the blood.  

This interview with Mia Lockhart of VibrantWomenProject.com discusses important concepts regarding minerals and women's health, especially copper toxicity, as well as touches on the importance of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis testing.  

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Feature Film Documentary

Vitamin D: While natural Vitamin D is healthy for us all, contrary to popular myth supplementing with Vitamin D pills can actually be quite harmful.

Mineral Moments Video Series

A discussion on copper toxicity with Kirby Campos who herself dealt with copper toxicity and today together with Rick provides support for those affected.  In this video we discuss testing, eliminating the guilt surrounding the copper toxicity label, and creating a support network.  

Rick Fischer and Dr. Robert Selig have both spent years researching copper toxicity, bringing about awareness, and supporting patients affected. In this video we discuss why copper toxicity is so poorly recognized, health implications, detox approaches, etc. [[Ricks side note on the necklace wardrobe malfunction- next time cameraman asks to swing necklace around back to avoid it hitting the mic, just take the darn thing off! :-P ]]

Advancing the Way we View Health & Nutrition: A brief look at how greater emphasis on bio-individual nutrition and minerals can be used to address a variety of health conditions.

As part of one of my earliest interviews with health coach Aga Postawska, this short clip provides an overview and great example of how minerals, emotions, and core beliefs (sub-conscious programming) are all interconnected.  

Iodine: A brief look at the importance of iodine and why people have been led to fear it.

Copper vs Iron: Do we need more iron? More copper? While a small demographic can benefit with taking iron, the issue for most people stems from a copper imbalance, and supplementing more of either can be detrimental.

Potassium: Potassium is one of the most important nutrients in our body, yet almost everyone is deficient. Learn why this goes unrecognized, and how it can affect health.

Our current approach to nutrition and health care keeps most people in the dark when it comes to discovering root causes behind many health concerns.  In this presentation, from Vancouver's 2018 Wellness Show, Rick teaches how minerals impact health, with a specific focus on women's health, and what everyone woman deserves to be taught but typically isn't. 

Additional Videos