November 17th, 2020

As part of the weeklong HTMA Virtual Summit, I join

a handful of the leading experts in discussing the use

of minerals and HTMA for optimizing health.  My talk 

on November 17th will be focused on the epidemic of

copper toxicity.  

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March 2-3, 2019 (Victoria, BC)

​​As a featured speaker I'll be presenting vital mineral-based health information that every woman deserves to know but is rarely told. From thyroid issues, to low energy, digestion, hair loss, depression and more, all of these often have a key underlying mineral imbalance. 

Learn how estrogen

raising factors (such

as pregnancy, the

Pill, diet) affect 

the body's mineral

balance and in turn

can lead to depression,

anxiety, thyroid and

energy issues and more.

This connection is rarely made, but we can better protect our children and counsel our youth by understanding the role minerals play on mental health.

Upcoming Speaking Events and Shows

Speaking at 3:00pm on Sun. February 2nd on the Living Well Stage Seminar Stage

A Course in Minerals

(Foundation for Inner Health)


Roadmap to Wellness


October 26-27, 2019  (Vancouver, BC)

Will be speaking / educating on the important role of minerals, and how imbalances affect both physical and mental health. 

Protecting Our Kids on Campus

(The Stress - Mineral Effect)


In this 3hr workshop you'll get clear on your wellness/life goals and, using the 'My HEALTH Goals system', develop a highly effective accountability-based action plan to achieving those goals. We work together in a fun and supportive environment, and you'll feel the shift in your energy right there and then. You'll go home with a system in place to maximize your progress, and have access to me for follow up. Includes a number of coaching and personal development tools (as well as a free copy of my book!). Appropriate for all ages 12-80.

This primer (and very important) course introduces you to how mineral levels and ratios affect both physical and mental health, and how, by 

                                             balancing our

                                             minerals, we 

                                             can achieve a

                                             better state

                                             of  energy

                                             and overall 


January 25 - 26, 2020 (Victoria, BC)

​​Exhibiting and teaching about how minerals affect health, annually at the Victoria Health Show... 

February 1 - 2, 2020  (Vancouver, BC)

Come join me for my 5th annual exhibit and

presentation at The Wellness Show at Vancouver's

Convention Center.  Come, chat, and learn more about

the importance of mineral balancing and HTMA.

 Speaking at 4:15pm on Sat. February 1st on the Women & Wellness Seminar Stage

Educate and Motivate your office staff, clients, gym members, students, or other group to make healthier choices and reach their wellness goals. Rick is available for private speaking engagements for your audience that will Amaze and Inspire with information that commonly is never discussed. Give your group the gift of knowledge - reach out to me today and let's discuss how I can be of service to your audience.  I can tailor workshops and presentations specific to your needs, or you can choose one of my signature presentations below.

What Every Woman Needs to Know

(But is Never Told!)


Learn how mineral imbalances, especially

low magnesium in males & high copper

in females can potentially

lead to campus violence

or relationship abuse.

Events & Workshops