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Have you had an HTMA done by someone else and are trying to understand what it all means? I find it unfortunate that many doctors who 'offer' HTMA don't provide proper explanations to their patients - I think in part because they themselves have not received proper training. If you've had an HTMA done but are confused as to what the charts mean or how to go forward, I'd be happy to provide you with an in-depth assessment so that it makes sense to you. I specialize in HTMA and can tell you exactly what your various mineral levels and ratios indicate. After you order, simply email me your HTMA chart... I'll review it and send you my full assessment / report within 72 hours.

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Receive your HTMA lab test and consultation for FREE  when you invest in this to help 3 other people. Whether you use this to improve the health of your family, friends, or perhaps employees at your office, when you buy this package of 4 HTMA lab tests and 4 consultations, you only pay for 3!

Are you ready to find true balance?  I'm talking about balance not only in your life, but also your body.  This signature program addresses both, as they each affect the other.  Your external life - is it fulfilling? Is it causing your stress? Are your activities helping you strengthen your body, or is the stress of life making your health worse? Using the Personal Wellness Score and My H.E.A.L.T.H. Goals coaching tools as a foundation to gaining clarity and guidance, we'll work together to create a healthier, more balanced life.  At the same time we work on identifying and releasing subconscious patterns that may be holding you back from greater fulfillment or better health; defining your goals and creating a plan for achievement, and re-balancing life for less stress, more fulfillment, and better health. We'll address the unsupportive beliefs that were picked up in childhood years (whether surrounding self worth, diet, relationships, money, or any other area). Often we find the diet we choose as adults can be traced to certain beliefs we picked up as children. Is your diet hurting you, or helping you?  We are all running on programs, stories we made up, and no matter what it is we say we want on the surface, we end up ultimately creating what our subconscious believes it deserves.  Limiting beliefs about anything create our reality.

While our mind determines, to a large extent, the health of our body, the health of our body also affects the health of our mind, and the decisions we make. Both mental health and physical health are affected by mineral levels in the body.  Minerals are often referred to as "the spark plugs of life".  Life depends on the body's ability to properly extract and utilize minerals. When in balance, we function well, physically and mentally. However, when minerals go out of balance, our body's healthy crumbles, both physically and mentally.   Not only is our outlook on life and people affected, but so too are major health issues such as weight, energy, heart and bone health, hormone balances, and a vast array of other conditions. Adrenal and thyroid imbalance are two major issues that are represented by mineral imbalances, and which can be improved through proper diet.  Only through HTMA screening and proper interpretation of results can a nutritionally-intelligent dietary program be recommended. This rebalancing program therefore also includes HTMA which will show you your unique and current mineral levels, exactly how those mineral levels (and mineral ratios) are effecting your health, and you'll be guided, through the use of mineral balancing and various health and life coaching tools, to better health, restored energy, and improved vitality.

This program is offered as a 5 month coaching package which includes 2 HTMA lab tests and reports, along with your Personal Wellness Score and other coaching and support tools.

Healthy Body and Life Re-balancing ' Signature Program'

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is one of the most important tests that I believe everyone should have done before any nutritional corrective program is begun. The mineral ratios in our bodies provide accurate indicators to thyroid status, adrenal and fatigue issues, skin and digestive concerns, even mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and even how we perceive the world. This page explains in more detail how mineral imbalances are affecting our health, and why HTMA is so important.  I have a very unique background in HTMA assessment and have trained under Dr. Rick Malter, PhD, one of today's leading experts and who, in turn, worked closely with Dr. Eck and Dr. Watts, the very pioneers of HTMA research and development. I am also a leading expert in the field of copper toxicity, a topic very close to my heart, and am the author of www.coppertoxic.com.  For lab testing I work exclusively with Trace Elements Inc (TEI).  This package includes the submission of your hair sample to the lab for testing and analysis, along with a 25+ page assessment report which I personally create for you explaining in detail what your test results mean to you.  Also included is a supplementation program outlining which minerals at this time would be beneficial vs contraindicated, dietary guidelines based on your metabolic type, a detox protocol as required, and healthy action steps to go forward with. 

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (H.T.M.A.)

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Integrity comes from being true to one's word.  With experience as a professional accountability coach, I use unique goal setting and accountability practices to ensure you carry through on the goals and commitments you make to yourself. Perhaps it's losing weight, designing a summer fitness regimen, eating a more nutritionally balanced diet, training for a sports event, or taking the steps to heal a certain condition. I've worked with clients ranging from college professors to housewives, from business owners to celebrities. No matter what your health goals, having a form of accountability in place will skyrocket the chances of achieving them.   3 or 6 months programs available.

Healthy Accountability Program