Our Mineral Mastery online course has helped in the advancement of education for numerous health practitioners, and has helped countless every day people connect the dots between symptoms and silent mineral imbalances.  If you're looking to balance minerals, detox, learn about testing, or increase energy,  this course covers it all!

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Whether you're looking to get your minerals tested through Hair Analysis, professional interpretation of results you've received elsewhere,  or comprehensive personalized nutrition program design, our full HTMA service menu has options for every budget and every support level.

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Our service offerings are provided across several websites.  The links here will take you to the appropriate page directly.

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As a proud member of The Global Coaching Association, Rick also provides executive coaching for health and energy optimization. After all, your success and productivity depends upon your energy level and ability to focus. 

Get the edge on health so you can do what you do best at work!


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