Mineral Balancing: This is an area so poorly understood in conventional medicine yet has such profound implications on health. Nutritional education barely scratches the surface in medical schools, and it is almost all but ignored in the mental health community.  Even most nutrition schools fail to educate on the important role mineral balances play.  Yet minerals control everything from our thyroid and adrenal activity, to our reactivity to stress, to gut health, glucose sensitivity, cardiovascular health, awareness, emotions, even our personality and decisions!  They are all affected by ratios of minerals in our body.  When mineral balance is achieved, many chronic and acute conditions simply disappear. Conversely, when minerals are out of balance, health problems set in.  When selecting diet or taking supplements, we must recognize that nutrients do not operate independently from other nutrients. They are all interconnected, and increasing one mineral will raise or lower others, setting off potentially damaging imbalances. For this reason, HTMA is the foundation behind all my coaching.

Detoxing: Everyone has some level of toxins and toxic metals in their body that are impairing optimal health. These toxins need to be detoxed.  True detoxification however is not done through some store-bought 10 day cleanse.  Nor should toxins be aggressively attacked by throwing antagonistic nutrients or chelating agents at them - doing so can have dangerous and adverse mobilization effects. We need to understand that poor gut health will impair the absorption of key nutrients needed for detox, and that poor adrenal or liver function will impair the body’s ability to excrete toxins (and metals). My '4R' detox and mineral approach involves reducing or removing the source of toxic exposure, re-establishing healthy gut bacteria, restoring cellular energy, and rebalancing minerals and nutrients.  The power of an integrative program such as this provides greater benefit than just focusing on adding in mineral supplements alone.   Of prime importance is supporting the liver and increasing bile flow and opening the bile ducts before we even start the process of detoxing. Without adequate liver functioning & bile production/flow, toxins simply end up being mobilized and then reabsorbed back into the body (akin to a street sweeper going by and stirring up a cloud of dust – that cloud are the toxins being mobilized in your body – we need to be able to get rid of them rather than just stirring them up and letting them resettle!).   

I believe in treating the person as a whole - spirit, mind, and body.   The foundation to any work I do with clients begins with HTMA testing which shows exactly what nutrients YOUR body needs at the present time for optimal health and healing.  Too many people are taking supplements or consuming diets based on what we are led to believe is healthy, without having any understanding of what the existing mineral levels are in their body. For example, taking Vitamin D when a person's potassium level is low can be very harmful, just as taking calcium when magnesium is low in relation can make your bones even weaker.  Given how profoundly and directly mineral and nutrient levels affect both physical and psychological conditions, it's my opinion that dietary advice should never be given to anyone until first an accurate assessment is done, through HTMA, to determine which nutrients the body needs. 

Equally important, also, is to become aware of, and work on, the silent programs that run our decisions. It's our mind and programming after all that determines if the diet we choose is beneficial or (subconsciously in some cases) detrimental; if we exercise or not; if we invest in coaching or not; if we think positively or not; how we treat others...and ourselves.  Most doctors simply treat the disease (or symptom), without addressing (or even in many cases understanding) the root cause.  Every human has layers upon layers of repressed thoughts, emotions, fears, beliefs, and conditionings, all of which run invisible programs that block natural energy flow and lead to pain and illness and/or impede the healing process.  True health therefore also includes addressing and healing our unsupportive conditionings and awakening to a higher awareness of how our patterns have been affecting us.

My Approach

The above illustrates my approach to creating health and healing though what I call my "Integrative Approach".   After all, these areas are all interconnected, and together create our well-being.  Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat? Could a simple mineral imbalance be causing you digestive issues or anxiety/depression?  Are fatigued adrenals or subconscious beliefs affecting your relationships... or work performance?   Is stress exacerbating your mineral imbalance, or impeding your flow of energy... and in turn leading to illness?  

Here are some concepts that we will explore during our work together​:

"Any health practice or dogma, by way of rigid restriction or forced application, that takes not into consideration a person’s bio-individually unique nutrient or bio-mechanical structural status, risks eventual damage to one’s system.  Taking into account a person’s physiological limitations and their nutritional deficiency and toxicity profile through evidence-based testing is essential for designing intelligent and safe movement and dietary protocols."  ~ Rick Fischer

Bio-individuality™: The concept of bio-individuality is that each person has unique food and lifestyle needs. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and this becomes even more clear through the evidence based screening provided by HTMA.  No nutritional program can be properly designed without first having a very clear picture of what nutritional factors the individual needs, and which are detrimental. Many foods (and supplements too) which we are led to believe are healthy (through media, fad diets, public opinion, etc) are indeed not, for most people. For example, magnesium supplementation can be very beneficial for most people, but not when the person's sodium level is low! Copper rich foods (such as  cocoa, beans, avocados) are good for those with low copper, but too much of those foods can be damaging to those with elevated copper in their bodies (which includes the majority of the western population!).  Understanding one's mineral status can only be properly done through HTMA.  Working on the principle of bio-individuality, and through evidence-based testing to pinpoint exactly what your body requires, I’ll support you to make positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle, and preferences. I use a personalized, holistic approach to ensure that you will have great success!

Mindful Nutrition: Last but certainly not least is the focus and education on mindful nutrition.  Many people talk about "eating mindfully", but very few truly understand how their nutritional choices are affecting their body and, indeed, their mind.  Women are told to take extra calcium for bone health, when in fact such advice only makes their bones more brittle without enough magnesium.  We're sold on the idea that taking Vitamin D supplements are great for health, when in fact doing so has a very strong effect on depleting potassium, which then raises the Na/K stress ratio, causing further loss of magnesium. This increased Na/K stress ratio increases irritability, distractibility, and emotional volatility, while the low magnesium and potassium can increase anxiety.  Certain diets are high in copper, and this, left unchecked, increases depression, anxiety, moodiness, digestive issues, and at an extreme level, a 'calcium shell' effect which has a numbing role on emotions and awareness. On the opposite side of the coin, those with low copper should not be taking high dose vitamin C as it will lower their copper further.  We go about our diets, blissfully ignorant that the "organic vegetables" we consume thinking they are healthy are often sprayed with dangerous copper sulfates (contributing further to the aformentioned symptoms), or the non-organic crops which are laced with glyphosates which deplete magnesium and further impair our stress responses. What good is 'emotional intelligence' if one is not even aware or in control of one's true emotions because of copper toxicity or toxic metals, which affect so many.  So, in order to truly talk about 'mindful nutrition', we need to first understand that there is a SCIENCE to this, based on the inter-relationship of minerals and the physio-psychological effect that mineral levels and ratios have on both body and mind.  

Most people also have overburdened livers from all the toxins in our modern world, and part of feeling good again involves strengthening the liver and detox pathways - not through some '30 day quick fix liver cleanse / detox product' - but through proper dietary guidance and nutritional support specific to YOUR body.  Mindful nutrition begins with not only consciously choosing 'healthy' foods, but also understanding how dietary choices affect our absorption of nutrients, our ability to detox the myriad of toxins we are all exposed to, and ultimately the very essence of who you are, including your mind.