While I work with clients internationally, I'm also available in person to serve the local Vancouver area community through the Advanced Healing Arts Clinic in Port Moody. 

201- 2615 St John's Street, Port Moody, BC, Canada
604-939-HEAL (4325)

Rick Fischer, HTMA Consultations and Program Design

In addition to running HTMA lab tests and specializing in the interpretation of results and personalized health protocols, I am also available for private consultations via phone / Skype / Zoom. I offer consultation support worldwide.

HTMA testing as well as consultations can be ordered directly through this page.  

For those located in the Vancouver, Canada area, I'm available in person to serve the local community through the Advanced Healing Arts Clinic in Port Moody.  Bookings to see me in person can be made through the clinic by calling 604-939-HEAL (4325)   

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