Much more meaningful, applicable, and important to me however is my unique background and specialized certification in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (more info on HTMA is available here).  In addition to my own exhaustive research in the field (exceeding 4500 hours), I've been trained in advanced H.T.M.A. under Dr. Rick Malter, Ph.D. (arguably the world's leading expert for 4 decades on HTMA and how mineral patterns affect both physical and mental health), alongside several other leading masters of health and mineral work.  In my training I further credit the works of Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, PhD., MD  (physician, biochemist, specializing in orthomolecular psychiatry focusing on schizophrenia, author of Mental and Elemental Nutrients...), Dr. Eck (widely considered the authority on the science of balancing body chemistry through hair tissue mineral analysis and founder of Analytical Research Labs), Dr. Watts, PhD (Dr. Eck's past partner at ARL, and founder of Trace Elements Inc (one of the two top HTMA testing labs in the world), Dr. Hans Selye Ph.D., MD  (pioneering endocrinologist, Nobel prize nominee, acknowledged as the "Father" in the field of stress research), Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman (pioneering leader in the field of nutrition, columnist, functional and integrative medicine advocate, and author of "Why Am I Always So Tired"), Dr. Weston Price (considered the "Isaac Newton of Nutrition, medical researcher, and author of "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"), et. al.  Driven by a personal tragedy and learning how horribly flawed the current approach to mainstream nutritional thought is, and how poorly women are being informed by their doctors about some of the most concerning issues surrounding women's health, I've since devoted my life to bringing awareness to the importance of mineral balancing and the epidemic of copper toxicity.    Along with several years in the personal development arena, my combined education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, preventive health, and personal growth. 

While continuing to serve my international clients, I am also available in-person to serve the local Vancouver area community through Advanced Healing Arts in Port Moody.


DESPITE THE WARNINGS given 40 years ago, the findings from four decades of research since, and the hard evidence provided by hundreds of thousands of HTMA profiles; and despite countless women testifying how the pill or copper IUD has devastated their health and lives and pleading for their doctors to listen, the conventional medical community continues to deny that birth control usage (and subsequent resulting mineral imbalances) could have a link to many of the most serious and prevalent health conditions we are seeing today. DESPITE THE FUNDAMENTAL FACT that stored bio-unavailable minerals and metals do not stay in the blood... the medical field continues to rely on serum blood tests for diagnosis or a measure of progress, falsely promoting the idea that blood serum provides an accurate indicator of mineral toxicities. DESPITE MINERALS BEING THE BASIS to all nutrition (not to mention, life itself), most nutritionists still pay almost no attention to assessing a client's mineral status before designing so-called "customized" nutritional programs. DESPITE nutrient depleted soils, organic produce sprayed with toxic copper sulfate, rampant low HCL production in the gut which impairs nutrient absorption, and environmental toxins / metals which block cell receptor sites preventing nutrients from effectively getting into the cell, we're led to believe that if we simply eat a "healthy diet" our nutrients will be balanced (and this is simply not the case).  DESPITE bio-unavailable copper playing a primary role in everything from anxiety to depression to schizophrenia, the mental health community continues to prescribe dangerous psychotropic drugs without first looking at or even acknowledging that a remedy could exist through the safe and holistic correction of a mineral imbalance. While tissue calcification affects over 3/4 of the population and is an underlying factor in the common degenerative bone diseases we see so often in old age, it also plays a role in human psychology, yet again this connection too is largely ignored in mainstream discussion and counseling. Calcification goes beyond the obvious - bone and tissue. What if a trauma or copper toxicity induced calcium shell calcifies the pineal gland - our third eye that connects our physical body to the astral plane. Logic, self awareness, and perception of our connection to Universe then diminish.  We shut down emotionally, becoming more rigid.  The implications of how minerals affect relationships is just as profound. Understanding these concepts means first accepting that our minerals affect far more than just our physical body, and the reverberations of this extend far beyond that which is taught in standard nutrition or psychology. It also means adjusting nutrition in a targeted way unique to each individual, in ways that prevent excess calcification or the build up of copper or other toxins from occurring.  It's time we show the courage to place health and understanding before profits and outdated dogmas. We must learn beyond what we've been taught. Too many lives have already been hurt or destroyed as a result of medical ignorance (no matter how well intentioned), and the health of our future generations, especially our young women, is most at risk. Leaving outdated medical and nutritional beliefs behind, let's open ourselves to knowledge which can truly serve the greater good of people.  When women receive fully informed consent to birth control, when nutritionists understand the essentialness of program design based on the targeted rebalancing of specific minerals, and when the medical system allows for greater conversation on the role mineral imbalance and adrenal health plays in disease, what are the possibilities for our world in terms of reducing illness, increasing human energy, and saving relationships and lives?   More and more we are seeing forward-thinking practitioners using HTMA as a tool to serve their clients. However until HTMA is much more widely accepted as an effective and essential screening tool for mineral imbalance and subsequent correction, and until the fact is broadly recognized that mineral imbalances play a key role in both physical and mental health, this risk to ourselves, and our loved ones, will continue; and health answers will remain elusive. After having lost those I love most to conventional medical ignorance surrounding copper imbalance, it is my mission to bring awareness and evidence-based nutritional guidance to those most at risk while also providing mineral education to both the public and medical communities.

I believe it's imperative that each one of us takes responsibility for the health of our minds and bodies so that we may live life embracing our passions rather than battling disease; I believe the health of our body is influenced greatly by the health of our mind, while the health of our mind is affected by what we feed our body - we must work on both for true health to prevail;  I believe we owe it to our loved ones and especially our children to set an example for health so that they grow up in an environment that bestows upon them every possible opportunity for health, and healthy inspiration."
~Rick Fischer

About Rick Fischer C.H.H.C., h.T.M.A.P.

Leader in HTMA and mineral/nutritional balancing with a special focus on copper toxicity and adrenal issues


  • Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute For Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner
  • Respected expert in the field of copper toxicity and creator of
  • Nutritional Educator and founder of Mineral Mastery education (
  • Published Author of 'The Healing Workbook' - a 12 Week Healing Program for Body & Mind
  • Mastering the Science of Integrative Blood Chemistry - Instructor: Dr. Harry O. Eidenier, Ph.D
  • Background in BCRPA Fitness Training


Rick Fischer & Dr. Malter, Ph.D.

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Rick Fischer

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and advanced HTMA Practitioner, I dedicate my work to all those who's health, relationships, and/or lives have been damaged by mineral imbalance.  Though I've always had an interest in health, fitness, holistic healing, and nutrition, it was only after a pivotal event in my own life witnessing the destructive physical and emotional effects caused by mineral imbalance in a loved one, and the complete lack of understanding and proper support in the greater medical community, that I was led into the specialized work of HTMA that I do today. HTMA and mineral balancing is at the core of what I do, and I see it as a privilege and a duty to being a global leader in awareness and education in this field, and that of copper toxicity. Through my work, and furthering the decades of pioneering research by such brilliant doctors as Carl Pfeiffer Ph.D, Paul Eck, George Watson Ph.D, David Watts Ph.D, and Rick Malter Ph.D., I hope to see a better world where similar tragedies as what happened to my family can be avoided and people are given informed guidance before it's too late. Only with the hard evidence provided through properly-interpreted HTMA can intelligent dietary / nutritional advice and safe metal-detox protocols be given.  'Healthy food' that can benefit one individual can be very detrimental to another, and detoxing an excess metal or mineral can have profound effects physically and mentally if not properly guided, monitored, and supported.  You can learn more about my approach to health here.

With HTMA at the core, I offer personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching, am a workshop presenter, nutritional educator, featured health speaker, clinical practitioner, and a published author.

*Intelligent nutrition is not based on popular diet fads, standard nutritional guidelines, or societal norms.  It is based on understanding each individual's unique mineral profile (as best evidenced through HTMA) and adjusting diet according to the presenting mineral/nutritional deficiencies and excesses of the individual.  In terms of birth control, almost no woman being prescribed the Pill or IUD is currently being told the truth about how both can affect  mineral levels, especially copper, and the physical and emotional side effects that can result. Mineral imbalances affect BOTH men and women, and play a key role in everything from low energy/fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, thyroid health, cardiovascular health, digestive health, muscle function, bone integrity, and even many mental health disorders.  

I received my initial training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.  As part of this training, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. My teachers included Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; Dr. Deepak Chopra, leader in the field of mind-body medicine; Dr. David Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center; Dr. Walter Willett, Chair of Nutrition at Harvard University; Geneen Roth, bestselling author and expert on emotional eating; and many other leading researchers and nutrition authorities.


Advocating the advancement of copper toxicity research and awareness, improving support globally for the millions affected, increasing informed consent for women being given birth control, and awakening nutritional consciousness through education to include the central role that mineral imbalances play in physical and mental health, energy, and relationships.  It's my hope of seeing a better world for our children and future generations where people are empowered by this knowledge, and are more fully informed about the nutritional and supplement choices they make.* 

It’s an honour for me to work with people interested in understanding and learning how to better take control of their health and lives. I feel it my duty to use my unique training in minerals and specialized knowledge in the area of copper toxicity to serve humanity through advancing education and support.  Having brought together an international network of leading practitioners, researchers, and patients, all sharing their voices to make a difference, my mission is to bring awakened awareness to the fields of nutrition and holistic health while also supporting those affected by copper toxicity.

It’s a privilege to have learned the science of hTMA and mineral balancing from the world’s leading and most respected experts in the field.

It is on a foundation of respect, knowledge, and love that I do what I do, and I feel proud and blessed to be an agent of change and education while being of service to every client I work with.

I believe in:

  • a bio-individual evidence-based approach to nutrition and detoxing as guided by one’s unique mineral hTMA profile;
  • looking at the cellular and stored tissue level of nutrients, NOT the homeostatic blood level which so often misleads;
  • increasing education and awareness surrounding copper toxicity which silently affects and hurts millions;
  • creating a future where our medical system allows for greater conversation on the role mineral imbalance plays in physical & mental health;
  • moving into a new paradigm of health where we recognize the interconnection between environment, food choices, and minerals levels; and how interrelated minerals, together with our subconscious programming, influence and control our health and even our personality;
  • giving people real tools when it comes to nutrition/ health / detox that they can use for life;
  • a world where women are given proper disclosure of side effects and fully informed consent before being put on the Pill or IUD;
  • offering a premium quality service, going above and beyond expectations, and providing the most comprehensive hTMA report in the industry;
  • respecting our own health and bodies so we can set an inspired and healthy example for our children and the children of tomorrow.​​