Whatever your health goals, the key to following through and achieving success is accountability. As a professional accountability coach, I use my unique system to help you stay on track each step of the way.  Learn more…

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is perhaps the single most important test that exists that provides a clear picture of adrenal and thyroid activity, mineral toxicities, stress re-activity, and over-all health.  As every individual is bio-individually unique, any nutritional or supplement program offered without the evidence provided by HTMA is being done blindly - and often dangerously.  Find out which minerals your body needs more of, and which could be causing you problems.   Learn More… 

These 3 and 6 month coaching programs use the wisdom of HTMA and mineral balancing as a basis for improving the health and energy of the body. At the same time we work on identifying and releasing subconscious patterns, defining your goals and creating a plan for achievement, and rebalancing life for less stress, more fulfillment, and better health.    Learn More…


"Millions of people are suffering (or unknowingly affected) by conditions which stem from mineral imbalances within the body - deficiencies and toxicities.  In the majority of cases, standard blood testing fails to show these imbalances, and patients are therefore left either without answers or, even worse, with false diagnoses.  Both physical and mental health status can be improved through the proper re-balancing of minerals.  One simple test, proven in its efficacy over four decades of research and millions of test results, used by the US Environmental Protection Agency, leading practitioners, heads of state and elite athletes who have access to the very best health care, accurately shows the true mineral status in the body. This test is known as Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).   Though very few practitioners have been trained in the interpretation of HTMA data, it is one of the most important health screening tools that exists today."

With specialized training and experience in understanding mineral ratios, the interrelationship between minerals, and both the physical and psychological connections, Integrative Health Coaching offers one of North America's premier H.T.M.A. assessment services..

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